Sunday, December 5, 2010

21 Months Old (a day late)

Will and Tiger--21 months old

Will is 21 months old now!  Wow!  He is so amazing and is learning something new everyday. Clay and I are always surprised at the amount of information he remembers and understands.

Here are a few things he is up to these days:
--He eats well at most meals.  He eats mostly chicken and fruits.  He will occasionally eat a vegetable.  He still loves yogurt and bananas.
--He is talking ALL THE TIME!!!  99.9% of the time it is cute and sweet, 0.01% of the time he has a little bit of an attitude.
--A few things he says:  Sit down, stop, color, read book, let's go baby, and so much more. He repeats everything we say, and he is starting to answer questions with appropriate answers.
--He has shown interest in the potty. He tells us when he poo-poos and tee-tees.  We aren't doing any official potty training, but when he asks to go to the potty we take him and he sits on it.  He hasn't done anything in the potty yet.
--He does visit time out more frequently these days and I am sure the "terrible twos" are right around the corner.
--He loves cars and trains.
--He loves to color and does at least a little bit of coloring everyday.
--He is wearing 18 - 24 month old clothing and a size 6.5 shoe. He is in a size 5 diaper.

There is so much more but it would take me days to get it all down.  He is growing up so fast and I wish I could slow it down just a little bit!

To see more monthly pictures of Will and Tiger, go HERE. I can't look at that album to much or I will cry!


  1. Our new ritual is for Gavin to sit on the potty while he brushes his teeth before bed. LOL! He hasn't done anything in the potty yet but I can tell it's getting time because his diaper can stay dry for hours... If I got to change him and he's dry I run him to the potty hoping he'll teetee! Nothin' yet.

    Usually in the mornings I'm greeted with "Hi, Mommy! My diapers wet!" LOL!

  2. Love the picture!!! He is growing up!!! I can't to get together soon.