Friday, December 17, 2010

Jack's House

Tuesday night, I took Will over to Jackson's house to play.  I was so excited that Leslie and I finally found a day to get the boys together.  Bonus is I get to hang out with Leslie and she cooked dinner!!  I am a big fan of others cooking.  Leslie made taco pie.  I had never had that before but it was sssooo good! 

Jackson is sitting up now and trying to crawl. He is getting so big.  It was fun to watch Will play with him.  Will was very good and wasn't to rough with him, which I was scared about. 

A little side story...Jackson has these two tractors in his room.  There are about 10 or 12 inches long and 6 inches tall. They are nicer tractors and gifts Jackson received before he was born.  Since these tractors have been in Leslie and Ray's house, Will has been obsessed with them. When we go over to their house, it is the first two things he goes and gets to play with.  I would not be totally freaked out about the tractors, but Will always tries to sit on them and they are definitely not for sitting on.  I am so thankful Leslie doesn't mind, but I am always mortified when Will does this.  I just hope that he doesn't break them or mess them up. Such a stressful mommy moment for me.

A funny story from the night...While Leslie and I were trying to inhale our dinner, Leslie put Jackson in his crib to play and Will was in the nursery trying to destroy everything in sight.  You can see into the nursery from the dining table so I was trying to keep an eye on Will, and they next thing I know, Will has moved the step stool over by the crib and is standing on it! I think he was trying to see what Jackson was up to and maybe he was even trying to give Jackson a toy.  It was so funny because all I could see was that little blond head peering over the side of the crib!

We had such a good time hanging out and letting the boys play. I always love hanging out with Leslie. She is right in the middle of this motherhood thing with me.  Also, she is such a great hostess. I mean you are definitely number 1 on my list if you make dinner!  I can't wait to get the boys together again!

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