Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Will getting from Santa Claus?

I have heard this question every single day for the last two weeks.  Sometimes, more than once a day.

The short answer is nothing.  He is getting PLENTY of gifts, probably more than he needs, but we haven't set them apart as "Santa" gifts and gifts from us.  I get some pretty weird looks and I know people are thinking that I am stealing all my child's Christmas joy but Santa is just not something we have pushed.

I don't want to start some ant-Santa rant here, but I do want to write a little bit about this since this blog is a scrapbook of our life.

I grew up believing in Santa and it was a lot of fun and little bit of scary. I wasn't a big fan of some man being in our house while we all slept, but I liked the presents.  Clay really enjoys the thought of Santa. 

Last year, we didn't make any effort to do any Santa activities. We didn't take Will to see Santa because he was so little and I didn't want to spend time standing in line for forever and then have my baby freak out!  Our church had Santa come and visit the kids during nursery one week, so Will did get a picture with Santa.  We also didn't have Santa gifts last year. Again, Will was so young and didn't know what gift came from where, so we just wrapped them all and put them under the tree.

This year, we have chosen not to really do the Santa thing.  After our sad attempt of visiting Aubie Claus, we decided not to visit Santa. It just seemed like it would be too traumatic.  Also, we are not doing gifts from Santa. All the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. I think Will will enjoy ripping the paper open!

I don't know what role Santa will hold in our future.  We don't really plan on making a big deal out of it. If Will shows interest then we will just follow his lead.  He has started saying "Ho, Ho, Ho" and I don't know where he learned that, but it is too cute!  I guess we will revisit this whole Santa issue next year.

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  1. I totally agree with you!! We only designated one gift from Santa last year, and it was because a cozy coupe car was too big to wrap! I think Santa is fun... but I am so confused as to what the appropriate amount of gifts are supposed to be from "Santa" and what is supposed to be from us. I don't know if you saw my post on the Elf on a Shelf thing... but we aren't doing that either! I just think it is so confusing, and I want him to understand the real meaning of Christmas... we are wading our way through it as well!