Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday Singing

My favorite part about the holiday season is the music. I love Christmas Carols!!  I try not to drive Clay to crazy so I only listen to them during the month of December.  I think the best Christmas music can be heard at church.  This past Sunday I got a full day of choirs singing and I loved every  minute of it.

We started out the day at the church where my brother is the children's/youth minister.  His church was having their Christmas program and he is in the choir.  The adult choir sang first and it was great. It is a small church but they have some great singers!  After the adult choir finished, they had the children's choir do a short program.  It was so sweet and they sang all my favorite Christmas Carols. Also, there was a 4-year0-old blonde haired little boy on the front row and all I could picture was Will in a couple of years. It totally melted my heart.

On Sunday night, we headed to our church to watch my mom preform with our adult choir.  AMAZING!  They always do a fantastic job.  There are about 40 choir members and they are accompained by a 25 piece orchestra.  It was so good. There was a short drama that went along with it and it was based around Mary's view of what was happening in those days leading up to Jesus' birth. Such a touching story and our drama team, choir, and orchestra did a great job getting the message accross to the audiance!

The pictures were taking with an iPhone so the quality isn't great, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it was a great day of worship with my family!

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