Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas morning was so fun this year!  Will woke up in the best mood and was really excited about opening presents.

We started the morning off with breakfast. Mom, Dad, John, my Pawpaw, and Shirley came and joined us. We have done this for the past two years, and I think it is one of my favorite things!  We have breakfast casserole, cheese grits, my Pawpaw's biscuits (love them!), scrambled eggs, and Christmas coffee. Will ate a breakfast bar as usual.

After we were full, we opened presents.  It was really a blur because Will was ripping into paper and throwing it all over the place. He wanted to open all his gifts and everyone else's too.

Will got everything he could ever want in life.  There were toys everywhere.

We watched Will play with his toys for a while, then my Pawpaw and Shirley had to leave to go eat lunch at my aunt's house. Mom and Dad left shortly after because Dad needed to go home and rest. I don't think I mentioned this on the blog before, but my dad had back surgery on the 17th so he is still in the recovery phase.

A bit later, Will's Pawpaw and Bom-Bom came over to exchange gifts. Clay and I already knew what our gift was--a trip to the National Championship Game.  Will got a swing set and he absolutely loves it! 

After Pawpaw and Bom-Bom left, we all took a much needed nap!!!  Then we headed over to Mom and Dad's to eat some chili and watch Toy Story 3.

The best thing about the entire day was it SNOWED!!!  It was a White Christmas in Alabama.  It was a first for me, Clay and Will!  It was really beautiful.

It was such a wonderful day and I am so glad that God has blessed us with a great family!

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