Monday, December 6, 2010

Auburn Tigers--2010 SEC CHAMPS!

Saturday was an awesome day for our Auburn Tigers and Clay and I are so grateful that we got to be in Atlanta to witness the game! Thanks Dan and Celia!!!!

Dan and Celia gifted us tickets to the game and we traveled with them and Kate and Gray to the game.  The package that we had included a bus ride to and from the game. It was nice to be able to hang out with everyone on the bus and no have to worry about driving!

Once we got to Atlanta, we headed over to the World Congress Center to walk around Fanfare.  It was packed!!!  I thought we would never get in.  We got there in time for the Auburn pep rally, but it was so packed we couldn't see anything.  We did enjoy listening to the band and cheering along with the cheerleaders.  Nothing like spending the day with 20,000 of your closet Auburn friends.

Then we ran into these folks:

Me, Donna, Robbin, Erica, and Hunter

Me and Robbin--Love HER!!

Just so you all know, Donna is the female version of Clay.  They love football!  It is so funny. They say a lot of the same things and they love to scream and be loud. It is really fun to watch them together.  We walked around and chatted a bit and then we were able to get some pictures of Hunter and Erica getting Ben Tate's autograph.

It was getting close to game time so we headed over to the Georgia Dome to find our seats and get something to eat.  We ate and waited for the game to start. I was so nervous. I never get nervous over football, but this was a make or break game for us. If we win, we go to the National Championship. If we lose, we get nothing!  So much riding on 60 minutes of football.

The game was AWESOME and Clay and I had the best time!!!!  It was the first game Clay and I have been to together without Will.  We missed him so much but it was nice to enjoy the game without worrying about sippy cups, baby food, and diapers!

Our Tigers played so well and we WON!! SEC CHAMPS 2010!!

Kate and Gray

Dan and Celia

The final score of the game was 56-17. AMAZING!

And the best part of the day was getting an early Christmas present from Dan and Celia.  They are taking us to Glendale in January for the National Championship Game! I can't believe that I will witness Auburn playing in the the National Championship Game.  It is so surreal.  Clay is absolutely beside himself.  He has been an Auburn fan since the day he was born!

The Yates Men

See you in Glendale and WAR EAGLE!!

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  1. Dan raised a good Auburn fan, didn't he!! I'm so glad y'all had a good time, and won! The National Championship game will be an even better time! Have fun and...I love your blog!