Monday, December 6, 2010

The Innkeeper's Dilemma

Since September, I have been working with our Youth Drama Team at church. It has been so fun working with these kids and getting to hang out with. 

Last night was the night they preformed their play, "The Innkeeper's Dilemma."  The play was about the night Jesus was born from the Innkeeper's perspective.  It was a light and fun story with a important point.  The Innkeeper was looking for a revelation in his life, and when Jesus was born he got that. 

The Cast and Crew

I think my favorite lines of the whole play were:

Innkeeper to Mary:  "Mary, how did this happen?"

Mary:  " I said 'yes' and God made the impossible...possible."

Wow!  What God did for us by sending His Son to save us from our sin is absolutely amazing. I can't even describe it in words!

The kids to a wonderful job and I am so proud of them! 

Since we were trying to do this as a fundraiser for the youth's mission trip, we did the play as a dinner theater.  We had 20+ women from the church decorate tables with their Christmas dishes and served a wonderful dinner.

Here is my table:

This is my wedding china with the Christmas accents plates. I love my china.  I had a Martha Stewart moment and made the centerpieces.  I was pretty proud of them. 

It was so fun to go around and look at everyone's table and then we all enjoyed a meal together. And on top of everything, we raised over $1200 for our youth group!

It was such a great night.

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