Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter Coat

I bought Will this winter coat without trying it on him because he was pitching a fit in the store that day.  I assumed once we got it home and it got cold, that he wouldn't mind wearing it...I WAS WRONG!!

He hates wearing it.  Mostly because he can barely move when its all zipped up.  Think the little brother in "A Christmas Story."

We have to bribe him with two M&Ms every morning to get him to put it on.

His mobility gets even worse when he has to sit in his car seat. He doesn't like it and doesn't think its funny, but Clay and I both think it is a little funny!

He looks like a giant blue marshmallow.  Poor baby.  Even though he hates it and doesn't like wearing it, it is a necessity!  Maybe he will learn to love it. He has definitely learned to love M&Ms!!


  1. I have a new baby and his name is Upton.

  2. You should try OshKosh Tyson loves OshKosh. Tyson has MANY OshKosh.