Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Roanoke

On the 26th, we traveled to Roanoke to have Christmas with Clay's Grandma and to spend the night with his Aunt and Uncle.  It snowed all the day before so we thought we might have to cancel due to the weather but after watching the news and finding out the roads were okay, we headed down that afternoon.  It was so pretty riding by Mt. Cheaha.

Once we arrived in Roanoke, it took about 4 seconds for Will to start destroying Clay's Aunt and Uncle's house. Thankfully they don't mind.  Clay said he wanted to eat steaks so that is what we ate because Aunt Shawn gets Clay whatever he wants.  It cracks me up. The steaks were really good and the baked potatoes were yummy. It was a great time sitting around and hanging out with all of the family!

Aunt Shawn and Uncle Greg got Will an Auburn wind suit and it is too cute.

The rest of the night and the next morning was spent talking and letting the kids play.  Braydin is getting so big. He would sit up and watch Will play and Will would share toys with him.

Will got into his cousin Hallee's hair case and decided he need to accessorize his PJs with a purple head band.

I am so thankful that Aunt Shawn invited us down.  If you know Clay, you know that he has some strained family relationships, and I am so thankful that despite all of that drama that his Grandma and Aunt and Uncle still set aside time to spend with us.  They are always so welcoming and I love getting to spend time with them and Clay's cousins.  They are the people that you would chose to be your family even if you weren't related.  Good people and we love them!!

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