Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in Wedowee and an Exceptional Story

We spent the day in Wedowee yesterday to spend Christmas with Clay's dad's family! I always say this, but I love going to Wedowee and spending time with Clay's Mawmaw. It feels like home. Mawmaw has always made me feel like part of the family and I just love getting to see her and hear all the local Wedowee news!

Will ready to leave for Wedowee!

Will wanted to take a picture of daddy before we left.

As always, we had a GREAT meal and wonderful company. Clay's family is such a fun group. Uncle Al is working overseas, so we missed him. Hopefully, we will get to see him when he gets home.

Will wearing some of Daddy's old tiger slippers.

Will drawing and eating a cookie.

After lunch, we opened presents. It was chaos. Will was all over the place. He would open every gift as quickly as possible and then say "WOW!" Then he would want us to play with the gift. Clay and I were both a little frantic during this time. He got some great gifts and enjoyed playing with them. I think he favorite of the day was the remote controlled train from Aunt Kate and Uncle Gray!

Mawmaw's Tree and all the gifts.

The train!

This is the gift we got Gray. It was a locked maze that you have to figure out so you can get the money! We thought it was really funny...Gray not so much.

Chasing the train.


After presents, the guys headed outside to play their annual Christmas basketball game.  Clay would like me to tell all of you that he won a game this time. He was upset that I put he didn't win at all at Thanksgiving.  I would like to add, that he said he would have won two games, but during one of the games, Will and I distracted him so wasn't able to pull out a win during that game. Ha!

Will wanted to play some outside so he played with an old basketball, then Aunt Kate took him down to see Jake the dog and they gave him a treat.

We hated to leave Wedowee, but Will was getting cranky so we knew we needed to head toward home. He fell asleep in the car before we even got to the stop sign. He was tired!! 

I wanted to add these two pictures. The rocking chair is Dan's from when he was little. The first picture is from 2009 and the second one is from yesterday. Wow!  My baby isn't a baby anymore.



We headed straight to church because we didn't want to miss a special presentation of the Christmas Story.  Our Exceptionally His class is a group of men, women, girls, and boys who have different types of disabilities.  They, along with some of their friends, presented the story of Jesus' birth is a wonderful way. To see this group get up on stage and say their lines and sing songs was amazing!  I held back tears the entire time. A big thank you goes out to the men and women of our church who work with this special group of people! 

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