Monday, December 20, 2010

The Potty, Mickey Mouse, & Sleeping

Will has been asking to go to the potty for the last couple of weeks, so we have been taking him. He hasn't done anything in the potty yet but if he asks we take him.  We are not pressuring him and we haven't even mentioned it before now. I think the other older kids in his class might use the potty so he thinks he needs to as well.  Maybe something will come of it, maybe not.

Will also got a new Mickey Mouse recently. He loves the one that Richard and Julie brought him from Disney World in March. It is large so it doesn't get to leave the house much.  Melinda went to Disney World a couple of weeks ago and brought Will a smaller Mickey and he loves it! He has carried it everywhere. It is really sweet. I can't wait until we can take him to Disney World to see Mickey in person!

Will has been sleeping poorly for the last week because he has had an ear infection. He finally has had some relief from the pain and slept. This is how I found him after nap the other day.

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